Disadvantage of polygamy

What are the advantages of monogamy the reason other societies remain relatively poor and plagued by internal violence is because they have reverted to polygamy. Polygamy can only work if the parties take their vows seriously and the husband is fair - hence the advice from god to not take more than one wife if you cannot be fair to both of them it is common knowledge that many prophets had many wives and that during the battle of uhud a lot of men were killed in the battle and the women were left. Precision and personalization our polygamy experts can research and write a new, one-of-a-kind, original dissertation, thesis, or research proposal—just for you—on the precise polygamy topic of your choice. In polygamy, there is a lack of communication between husband and wives that leads to all other struggles in the family polygamy has many advantages financially, polygamists often have the upper. I don't see any advantages of polygamy there's nothing good in polygamy it brings nothing to the family but a destruction it destroy a family tear away your heart, and ur sanity.

In the 21st century polygamy has got no advantage our forefathers usually marry more than one wife cos of their farming activities, since there were no schools then, the only thing the wives and children can do is to do the farm workas co labourers which helps the man of the house to cultivate large expanse of land and also reduce cost of production. Polygamy definitely has it's own advantages it engenders competition among the wives who shoulder the onus of training their children each wife wants her children to grow up into successful adults, so they work hard and train their children, independently of their husband. Finally, prohibiting polygamy on feminist grounds—that these marriages are inherently degrading to the women involved—is misguided the case for polygamy is, in fact, a feminist one and shows women the respect we deserve.

The problem of polygamy form of two men and several female partners or even several women with no men 28 polyamory may have several advantages over polygamy. They are both valid and have advantages and disadvantages get used to it polygamy is illegal in the uk the uk doesnt turn a blind eye to polygamy polygamous. The benefits of polygamy on health answers, i found 13 reasons why polygamy would be beneficial to human society it appears to be somewhat tongue-in-cheek, but i wanted to take a look at it. Polygamy pros and cons list occupytheory on 21 september, 2016 at 12:00 polygamy is a social, culture or a religious practice wherein a man or woman can have a.

The problems of polygamy rafia zakaria updated october 01, 2014 facebook count twitter share email your name recipient email 181 the writer is an attorney teaching constitutional law. Disadvantages of monogamy: 4 some ppl, they get bored of sleepin' with d same person i think polygamy is just filled with disadvantages: u're more likely 2 get diseases, u spent less money on urself and more on the ppl, no one will trust u anymore, different sexual partners, u look stupid being polygamous, u'll probably lose all ur money @ d. Polyandry's advantages and disadvantages posted by abhinav mishra on monday, december 12, 2011 under: marriage thanks, for taking interest in our articles.

Get an answer for 'compare and contrast the advantages and disadvantages of this social structure to our own family arrangements in the us ' and find homework help for other things fall apart. Polygamy has got several disadvantages as compared to its advantages and for this reason there are some countries where the government has illegalized the issue of polygamy the first disadvantage of polygamy is due to the fact that it leads to divided attention and love among couples. 10 key pros and cons of polygamy july 28, 2015 advantages and disadvantages list share on tweet previous article 8 central pros and cons of hydraulic fracturing.

  • 9 pros and cons of polygamy polygamy is the practice of having two or more spouses there are several types of polygamy: polygyny, where a man is married to several wives, and polyandry, where a woman is married to several husbands.
  • Definition of polygamy the condition or practice of having more than one spouse at one time also called plural marriage zoology a mating pattern in which a sing le individual mates.
  • Polygamy is the practice of having more than one spouse at a time while a lot of countries consider polygamy illegal and criminalize its practice, there are some places where it is legal, particularly in muslim countries some countries (such as india, philippines, singapore, sri lanka and eritrea.

Benefits of polygamy polygamy has its share of social disadvantages, and it very unpopular among women since it is associated with a wide array of social abuses. Following are the advantages of polygyny: (1) polygyny checks sexual immorality because the husband gets adequate satisfaction of his sexual urge in the company of number of wives (2) it brings economic stability in the family, because both husband and his wives and children earn something for the. 'i had the advantage of disadvantage' the general literature has talked about polygamy, but most people don't know much about 19th-century mormonism at all. Re: the advantages of a polygamous marriage advantages of polygany from psychological point of view pretty good read good logic on psychology today magazine by satoshi kanazawa titled the paradox of polygamy ii: why most women benefit from polygamy and most men benefit from monogamy.

disadvantage of polygamy The practice of and reasons for polygamy: polygamy was permitted in most parts of the world at one time, but there has been a move away from the practice.
Disadvantage of polygamy
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