A review of the interview between mike pence and george stephanopoulos

Pence and his staff had reached a consensus not to sit for what would turn out to be disastrous interview with george stephanopoulos about the controversial religious freedom bill pence. It would appear bill clinton's former white house communications director, george stephanopoulos, is up to his old tricks again perhaps most have forgotten a jan '12 new hampshire debate when stephanopoulos asked mitt romney a very carefully worded and scripted question, seeming to come out of left field, about whether states have the right to. And george h w bush, in 1989: why the moon why mars mike pence has been the unofficial spokesperson for the us space program, in an essay at the space review last year this meant.

Mike pence nails liberal reporter for double standard on trump and obama (video) vice president elect mike pence appeared on abc news on sunday during his interview with george stephanopoulos, pence nailed the media's double standard. Clinton foundation donor george stephanopoulos attempts to create controversy during a scheduled interview with vice president-elect mike pence around the issue of taking a phone call from taiwan's president as with the prior presentation by chris wallace (fns), the globalist ideologues are. On sunday, indiana governor mike pence joined george stephanopoulos on abc's this week, seeking to clarify the religious freedom restoration act, which he signed on thursday and has been widely. James comey is interviewed by george stephanopoulos for abc news a much-hyped interview with abc that for allegedly lying to vice president mike pence about the contents of phone calls.

Abc news, joy behar slammed for mike pence joke after its panelists on the view mocked vice president mike pence's christian faith communications director george stephanopoulos,. When, in an interview on sunday, pence was asked repeatedly by george stephanopoulos on abc's this week whether or not the bill would permit that type of discrimination, pence declined to give a. With all due respect to the governor, how stupid is it for mike pence to even do an interview with george stephanopoulos, particularly considering the fact that the template of how to deal with.

Indianapolis — then-indiana gov mike pence faced a firestorm of it metastasized after pence struggled to explain in an interview with abc's george stephanopoulos whether the law did — or. George stephanopoulos, abc's this week host: and governor mike pence joins us now good morning, governor thank you for joining us was it a mistake to sign gov mike pence (r-indiana): good. The interview between the republican governor and abc's george stephanopoulos featured an extraordinary exchange that matters quite a bit discrimination, gay rights, indiana and mike pence. Many of the messages between pence and his top aides are redacted it metastasized after pence struggled to explain in an interview with abc's george stephanopoulos whether the law did. But during a contentious interview sunday on abc's this week, in which host george stephanopoulos asked pence at least six times if the law would make it legal for a merchant in indiana to.

Washington — following indiana gov mike pence's brutal interview this morning on abc's this week with george stephanopoulos, the human rights campaign released its own new video that. The danger of president pence trump's critics yearn for his exit but mike pence, the corporate right's inside man, poses his own risks. His interesting—if essentially useless—interview with george stephanopoulos could just as easily be a badly disguised plea for a pardon as easily as it is a sudden attack of civic conscience. Indiana gov mike pence discussed religious freedom legislation on march 29 on abc's this week with george stephanopoulos (photo: charlie nye, the indianapolis star) connect tweet. Indiana gov mike pence appeared on abc's this week yesterday and continually deflected questions from host george stephanopoulos on whether he opposes discrimination against gays and lesbians.

Still, mike pence would not allow george to tame him and stuck with evidence from the same report, a third time, even saying that george didn't know if it was true or not of course, if stephanopoulos doesn't know if it was true, then surely mike pence does and can continue to treat the report seriously enough to spout off false claims. Abc's george stephanopoulos challenges indiana gov mike pence on his state's religious freedom restoration act it says that everyone has the right to the highest level of review if they feel. In between sunday's interview and yesterday's press conference, governor pence has been dragged, kicking and screaming, into agreeing with the basic outline of the first amendment to our.

  • This week host george stephanopoulos on sunday went after indiana gov mike pence, demanding he answer whether the religious freedom restoration act he signed into law last week allows discrimination against gays a half dozen times, the former spokesman for president bill clinton -- often.
  • Continue reading i think the american people are very accustomed to this president speaking his mind, pence said to george stephanopoulos on abc's this week but senate majority leader mitch.

It hasn't been an easy month for mike pence after the audio of that interview surfaced, more than 3,000 southern baptist women called for patterson's resignation as president of. But in mike breaking news columnist columnist mike pence and the rise of mediocrity 04/05/2017 07:46 he gave an incoherent interview to george stephanopoulos which exposed his. Mike pence seems like a friendly, amiable fellow and, no doubt, he is, at least, most of the time but in a recent interview with george stephanopoulos, he seemed to have come to have run out of his patience for liberal taunting.

a review of the interview between mike pence and george stephanopoulos This is good morning america today and jonathan karl's interview with mike pence here he's talking to george stephanopoulos after the interview with pence.
A review of the interview between mike pence and george stephanopoulos
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